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proud moment

7 Jun

My absolutely lovely friend Alexis (her husband is deployed with Steve so we’ve become very close through sharing our strength and commiserating daily) taught me how to knit yesterday! I can’t believe in all my years I never learned how to – it is such an amazingly lovely and therapuetic thing to do!

Here is my first completed project adorned with a lovely little flowered brooch. I know it’s June and about 85 degrees out so a scarf is a little premature, but I don’t want to take this fuzzy little baby off!  Can’t wait for it to get chilly enough to wear..

So, whatdya think?


before and after: bedroom windows

3 Jun

the bedroom is coming together nicely!


dark and drab!

now, with some easy updates. new curtains. new DIY art work. voila.

light, airy and open.

what do you guys think? pretty big change, eh? not bad for a “semi-homemaker”! 🙂

simple DIY art

2 Jun

So I did a couple wonderful things today. I got new curtains for our bedroom and made two pieces of cheap (read: free!) art for the wall in between those newly curtained windows!

To make these DIY art I searched on’s “photography” section. All of these images are free and there are some great photoshop-esque options in terms of editing them. I found a lovely image of a dirt road lined with trees. The green color is just beautiful and compliments my new bedspread deliciously! I edited this photo two times to say two different phrases “our story is love” and “and they lived happily every after”.  It’s a bedroom after all and our home is full of love so I wanted the images to reflect that.  Here is what they came out looking like.

I found two document frames laying in the closet and thought they would be perfect sized for the windows. So I printed these images out (just regular printer paper and ink) and took another white piece of print paper to “mat” the image in the frame.

Here’s the finished product! I think it looks just lovely.  And what about those curtains? They totally brighten up the room right? LOVE it.

Simple, free DIY!! Gotta love it.

toilet topper

1 Jun

Here’s a little bit of DIY for you guys. Well, not much “doing” actually, more like just repurposing household items.

I don’t know if anyone is like me- but I hate the look of a bare toilet. The loo isn’t exactly the most attractive architectural piece in anyone’s home, but it doesn’t have to be an eyesore either! I desperately wanted to put a lovely glass bowl filled with shells or flowers or floating candles on top of my john but an oddly placed window and a bird obsessed kitten has squelched such dreams of mine.  What? A window behind the “house of office”? Yep. Well, kinda. More like, awkwardly to the right of it.

Check this baby, out.

Sitting in this little bathroom nook is one of Samantha’s favorite things to do. She jumps from the floor, to the top of the toilet and then to the window area. Now do you understand why I can’t put anything glass up there? It would be broken in a hot minute.

Here’s my solution- using things I already had around the house. Yay for being frugal! Call me cheap-o charlie. I love me somethin’ free.

First, I took this lovely little woven wood basket. It was previously home to some random toiletries, but as I am determined to downsize and simplify my life to only the basics, I got rid of lots of my beauty products (or found friends/family who love them).

Next, I gathered some “bathroomy” items like washcloths, delicious smelling french soap and a small fake flower that I plucked some a living room arrangement.

Then, rollllled up the washcloths.

Stacked them up in the basket and stuck the small flower in between two of the washcloths to add a pop of color!

Finally, I added the soaps to the other side for a little balance and put my creation on top of the lovely toilet!

It’s no masterpiece but it sure shows a little bit of a softer side to the porcelain goddess. And now Sammy can jump to her window spot without Mommy waiting to hear a crash of glass! Super.

Toilets are pretty awesome to begin with – I mean come on, how comfortable is it to just sit there? Anyone? Just me? Okay. But this just makes the toilet a wee (HA!) bit awesomer.

Hope you enjoyed! So tell me, how do you spruce up your own toilet top? Can’t wait to hear!