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consignment asparagus

14 Jun

I am really, really (really!) new to consignment/thrift store/antique shopping, so when a thrift store “Coco’s on the Green’ opened up near my house (literally two building to the right), I wasn’t sure what to think!

Well, this cute little guy made my mind up quickly.

How CUTE is this? Look at all the personality this little bunch of asparagus has. Handmade watercolor painting by a LOCAL artist. $8. Yes, $8 bean-a-roos.

I’m in love.


Organizing Mission: Pantry Edition

7 Jun

After seeing this post over at Young House Love, I decided to take a good hard look at my own pantry. Yeah, it’s a mess. A mishmosh of cleaning supplies, food, kitty litter, reusable bags, cooking supplies, etc.  Take a gander at this hot mess over here.

Ha! I’m sure that gave you guys a decent laugh. It really does need some help. I’m going to put my budget at $50 (preferably under!) and see what I can whip up.  I’m thinking I need some baskets, some better clear bulk grain organizers (non plastic for sure), something to organize cans more efficiently, and a way to keep baggies, tin foil and parchment paper at bay. My goal is to have this done a week from today so June 14th.

Annnnd.. I’m off!

nothin’ beats basil

1 Jun

I mean it. Seriously. This is my favorite herb. Fragrant. Flavorful. Fast-growing. Three F words that I certainly don’t mind saying. I use my organic, homegrown basil in at least 75% of my recipes. If I don’t know what else to season something with? Basil! My go-to man. I love you, basil. Thanks for standing by me. You sure are lookin’ fine in that yellow pot of yours!