toilet topper

1 Jun

Here’s a little bit of DIY for you guys. Well, not much “doing” actually, more like just repurposing household items.

I don’t know if anyone is like me- but I hate the look of a bare toilet. The loo isn’t exactly the most attractive architectural piece in anyone’s home, but it doesn’t have to be an eyesore either! I desperately wanted to put a lovely glass bowl filled with shells or flowers or floating candles on top of my john but an oddly placed window and a bird obsessed kitten has squelched such dreams of mine.  What? A window behind the “house of office”? Yep. Well, kinda. More like, awkwardly to the right of it.

Check this baby, out.

Sitting in this little bathroom nook is one of Samantha’s favorite things to do. She jumps from the floor, to the top of the toilet and then to the window area. Now do you understand why I can’t put anything glass up there? It would be broken in a hot minute.

Here’s my solution- using things I already had around the house. Yay for being frugal! Call me cheap-o charlie. I love me somethin’ free.

First, I took this lovely little woven wood basket. It was previously home to some random toiletries, but as I am determined to downsize and simplify my life to only the basics, I got rid of lots of my beauty products (or found friends/family who love them).

Next, I gathered some “bathroomy” items like washcloths, delicious smelling french soap and a small fake flower that I plucked some a living room arrangement.

Then, rollllled up the washcloths.

Stacked them up in the basket and stuck the small flower in between two of the washcloths to add a pop of color!

Finally, I added the soaps to the other side for a little balance and put my creation on top of the lovely toilet!

It’s no masterpiece but it sure shows a little bit of a softer side to the porcelain goddess. And now Sammy can jump to her window spot without Mommy waiting to hear a crash of glass! Super.

Toilets are pretty awesome to begin with – I mean come on, how comfortable is it to just sit there? Anyone? Just me? Okay. But this just makes the toilet a wee (HA!) bit awesomer.

Hope you enjoyed! So tell me, how do you spruce up your own toilet top? Can’t wait to hear!


happy memorial day

31 May

Posting a picture of Sammy for her daddy over in Afghanistan. We miss him so much and are thankful for all the sacrifices he has made for our freedoms. :)

Enjoy your day everyone!

wings & waves

31 May

What a beautiful weekend I’ve had so far! It’s not even officially Memorial Day yet, but I have had a wonderful weekend!

I spent most of my time at a joint aviation and car show called Wheels & Wings. I was working an odd job- a promotional job- and got some wonderful pictures of the planes! There were so many little Army men running around, it was very bittersweet. I just wanted to go up and hug each and every one of them.

Which reminds me- before we look at pictures- let’s all take a minute to think about the brave men and women who have made the great sacrifice for our country. While you’re drinking your beers, eating your hot dogs and laying on the beach- remember that these men and women gave their lives so that you could live yours.

Cool, huh? I’m even wearing Mr. Army Steve’s aviators! I felt so legit. It was awesome.

After leaving the aviation show, I headed down to the beach to spend time with some of Steve’s family. They are all so wonderful and generous. It was a relaxing end to a busy day- and I was able to take some lovely shots on the beach.

(looks like a heart, right? I ADORE this!)

(The colors. Seriously? Nature always gets it right.)

How incredibly lucky am I? Living close to the beach, close to family and friends. What a beautiful world, right!?

While at the beach this evening I collected some stunning pink, orange, yellow and pearl colored shells and I’m going to do an awesome DIY project with them this week so watch out for that!

I hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! Enjoy your cookouts, friends and family, but remember what this holiday is all about!



comforter conundrum

29 May

When we first moved into our apartment, we were so blessed to be given a whole furniture set by my parents. Along with it came a lovely duvet cover, pillows and blankets. It really was lovely.

Now, at this time, we didn’t have Samantha yet. If you know anything about cats, you’ll realize that they can be very hairy and pretty messy! Our beautiful cream duvet fell prisoner to kitty litter mess and the black coverlet to little kitty hairs. No me gusta nada. Something had to be done.

I searched for a new comforter for months and months. We’re on a tight budget and I was enticed by a $34 comforter set from Walmart. It was white. Why I thought white would be better than cream, I do not know. I thought it would be a nice change and I could still keep my color scheme.

Hated it. Samantha still made a mess of it (10 points if you can spot her in the picture!) and it did nothing for the room. I’ve found that I like much warmer colors and the white was just too stark for my taste- especially because we can’t paint our walls!

Well, third time is the charm right? I decided to go for something TOTALLY different. Color. Geometric. Something to totally brighten up the space.  GREEN.

I absolutely adore this bedspread. (Thanks for the birthday present, Mom!)

With crisp white sheets. It’s so warm and inviting. I cannot wait for Mr. Army Man to come home and flop his tired body into our lovely bed! It’s a shame I didn’t take these pictures in the daytime, because we get wonderful natural light- but you get the idea!

Look at the darling little coral pillow I got to add too. Swoooon.

The comforter is just the beginning of this room’s transformation though! With the new color palette, we need new curtains for sure. We need some new pictures. New lamps for the side tables.

(Sammy is pleased, but not completely satisfied yet)

We also need to do something with this poor dresser. I’m thinking beachy and organic to offset the traditional dark wood and bring out the casual vibe of our new bedspread.

Something should definitely happen with our little TV table which looks sad and lacks cohesion(and used to be in our family room!)

But when all is said and done, I love the comforter and the room is beginning to make more sense to me. I know what I want and have my eye on the prize!

Can’t wait to continue to show you the progress.